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HP Solution Demo Portal IE11 Issues - EMEA Portal Migration
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Introduction to HP Virtual Partitions V6
This demo introduces HP-UX Virtual Partitions v6 on Integrity blades BL8x0c i2. After a brief tour of the Virtualization Services Platform, various capabilities are shown, like Online CPU addition and removal and the support of N-Port ID Virtualization....
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ProveIT Demo Guide Scenario 04: Cost-effective HA using vPar and memory migration

This demo will show how cost-effective HA can be achieved by dynamically reallocating memory resources across virtual partitions (vPars) in the event of a failover.

Using Serviceguard Manager to failover an active package from the primary node to the secondary node will show how the package will move with the allocated amount of memory needed for that package. This scenario will demonstrate how to deallocate the memory on the primary node and allocate it on the secondary node.

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